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catania 13 april 2007

catania April 13, 2007 A new company , a retailer historic , classic scenario of inestimable artistic value. Winning elements for an operation not only business , but of significant cultural importance . The company is Xam - modern division of Classicmobil - offering contemporary beds and other household products characterized by a predominant material , steel . The retailer is furnished Gallina, who for more than fifty years marks the domestic taste in the whole of Sicily . The scenario is the Chapel Bonajuto in Catania , a unique example of early medieval architecture dating back to the Byzantine era , but only in museum during the twentieth century . The event has united the enthusiasm of Anna Bernardelli , which in 2004 launched Xam , with the experience of the Lords Hen , always cohesive example of entrepreneurship and service orientation, the desire to make a proposal of quality, especially in the very new ' use and processing of the main material , steel precisely . The public success was remarkable , reflecting the curiosity and the willingness of consumers to observe new trends and explore new horizons in the provision of furniture and home furnishings. For Xam , a launch outside of regular channels . For furniture Gallina , the confirmation of a proven aptitude for innovation and entrepreneurial curiosity . For the public spoke , the response of the communion between innovation and tradition , culminating in the choice of location and participation in , the event, the note Firriato Winery . Made in Italy does not sleep , indeed arises, in Italy and in the world , such as towing of our economy, thanks to the motivation of the operators and the culture of "doing."

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